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Unique ID: 103000000008782
Status:  Validated/Active                 
Project Developer: Edenviro Ltd        
Project Location: Bitterly, Shropshire         
Previous Land Use: Rough grazing pasture   
New woodland area:  Gross:  0.49ha, Net Planted:  0.49ha Open:  0 ha
Species Mix:  54% Birch, 26% Oak, 19% Beech.
Woodland Management: Regular Thinning
Estimated Sequestration:  277 tCO2e over 100 years, of which 222 tCO2e is for sale, 55 tCO2e to the buffer.        
Start Date: 01 April 2016

About the site

The site is located near Bitterly in Shropshire, and sits on the western side of Clee Hill overlooking Ludlow. The site is flanked by a tributary of the River Teme and a redundant incline once used to transport minerals and coal from Clee Hill to Ludlow. The location is presently rough pasture used for grazing livestock and is close to a public footpath.

Benson Wood site image2 2015 Copyright Edenviro

The Benson Wood site prior to planting in 2015.  Picture:  Edenviro

Carbon buyers - Why buy from this project?

Part of the carbon created in the project will be used to compensate for Edenviro’s Carbon Dioxide business emissions (10 tCO2e per year generated by business transport).  Edenviro is looking to sell the remaining carbon units to local companies who sell sustainable products and want to compensate for their carbon dioxide emissions linked to the delivery of goods. 

Landowners - Why get involved in the WCC?

This woodland is to be created on part of a farmer’s land which does not drain very well and has suffered from soil erosion. Converting the land to woodland will increase the net carbon stored by the site and will also help stabilise the ground by intercepting rainfall. Eric Daleu of Edenviro states:

“We subscribed to the WCC because it was a Government backed scheme that had significant environmental value.  By doing so we created Woodland Carbon that can be used by the landowner or project developer to compensate for emissions, or can be sold on the open market”

Who is involved?

Edenviro Ltd are the developed this project on behalf of the landowner at Titterstone Farm.  They were assisted by Sylvan Resources for some of the technical aspects of the Project Design.

How did we go about it?

Edenviro have created this project to meet high environmental standards:

  • Some of the trees have been grown from parent trees in ancient woodland on the farm to ensure they will be of local, native stock and compatible with local soils and conditions.
  • Most of the planting stock was grown on the local farm, thus also reducing CO2 emissions from transportation.
  • The Digestate from a local Anaerobic Digestion plant will be used as compost and fertiliser throughout the planting, further enhancing the scheme’s environmental credentials.

This makes this a unique project in the UK.

The site will be weeded and maintained for 5 years after planting to ensure successful establishment. Trees which die will be replaced until the site is 90% stocked with vigorously growing trees and natural regeneration will be accepted into the woodland if it occurs.  There will be no further management following establishment until trees can be thinned.

Benson Wood DigestateDigestate material used to fertilise the Benson wood site.  Picture:  Edenviro.

What are the wider benefits?

Every aspect of our project feeds another, a moving cycle of sustainability and future investment into our environment. The focus of this project is to raise awareness of our current environmental issues but more importantly to demonstrate how we can reduce the damage caused by carbon emissions.

Edenviro envisions working with local businesses and schools as part of a wider educational environmental awareness program.

During the planting, the project intends to involve the local school to make the children aware of environmental issues and the importance of the woodland as a natural capital resource.


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