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What is premier paper?

When did you become involved?

How many projects are you involved with?

Why did you decide to buy from Woodland Carbon Code projects?

How has it benefitted your company?

What is Premier Paper?

The Premier Paper Group is the UK’s leading independent paper merchant. The company has an active policy of taking practical steps of reducing the environmental impact of its activities, including compensating for CO2 emissions by planting trees.

It offers customers and their clients the opportunity to capture CO2 emissions from their paper purchases by planting native woodland right here in the UK, through projects in the Woodland Trust's Woodland Carbon Scheme, validated to the Woodland Carbon Code. Through its nationwide distribution network Premier Paper offers a wide range of paper products, including Woodland Trust Office Paper.


When did you become involved?

Premier Paper has been working with the Woodland Trust since 2011. The partnership gives its customers the chance to compensate over time for the CO2 generated from the production and distribution of the paper that they buy. One hundred percent of this Carbon Capture charge is then passed on to the Woodland Trust to fund the planting of trees.

In 2014 Premier Paper announced it was producing its first ever reams of Woodland Trust Office Paper. Now, for every 500 sheet pack of this fully sustainable Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) quality paper that is sold, 5p of the wholesale price goes directly to the Woodland Trust. Woodland Trust Office Paper is a unique brand in the UK market, CO2 generated in the production and storage of Woodland Trust Office Paper is compensated for through Premier’s Carbon Capture programme which plants trees with the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon Scheme.

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Woodland Trust Office Paper produced by Premier Paper





How many projects are you involved with?

As well as the Carbon Capture programme and Woodland Trust Office Paper, Premier Paper loves to encourage its staff and customers to roll their sleeves up and get involved in a host of tree planting days – sometimes planting thousands of trees in a day!

Premier has planted trees at Warcop in Cumbria, and Heartwood in Hertfordshire. More recently it sponsored a tree planting event in Scotland involving businesses, schools, colleges and local residents, bringing a spot of green space to an urban environment in Livingston. Premier has plans to hold even more events right across the UK with the Woodland Trust as tree planting is a great way for people to engage with woodlands and learn more about trees and the nature they help support.

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Premier Paper staff planting trees at Heartwood in 2015.  Photo:  Woodland Trust





Why did you decide to buy from Woodland Carbon Code projects?

Trees make paper makes trees.

Trees from managed plantations provide the raw material for the paper that we sell, so engaging in a woodland carbon project was a logical step to take.

We offer our customers the opportunity to become part of a strong environmental marketing programme and compensate for CO2 emissions from the paper that they buy and use. In doing so, they help create beautiful native woodland here in the UK. Woodland that will endure and provide much needed wildlife habitats and recreational spaces for years to come. 

How has it benefitted your company?

Engaging in woodland carbon projects has enabled Premier to develop a marketing programme with a strong environmental message that permeates through all levels of our supply chain, from our suppliers through to our customers and even on to their clients.

We have worked with Woodland Carbon Code projects since 2011 and have held numerous tree planting events and other initiatives that have provided a wealth of positive messages and achievements for us and our customers to talk about. The Carbon Capture programme through the Woodland Trust has helped us win and retain business by providing an environmental marketing programme that customers can easily commit to and, in turn, promote to their clients and stakeholders. The marketing programme, through its association with the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon Code, is highly visible, has a high level of credibility and delivers tangible results by creating new native UK woodland.

The success of the programme and our relationship with the Woodland Trust has also helped build our values and shape the corporate culture of the Premier Paper Group.

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Premier Paper staff planting trees at Heartwood in 2015.





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