Why buy units from WCC projects?

  • High Quality Carbon Units : Internationally recognsied high standards of sustainable forest management and carbon management.  Ranked 3rd Best Voluntary Carbon Standard Globally in Environmental Finance awards 2014.
  • Local & Tangible : All the WCC projects are UK based, you can find a project near to you, and woodland carbon is a 'tangible' product you can visit and touch.
  • Wider Environmental Benefits : WCC projects can offer many wider benefits such as improving air quality, providing wildlife habitat, timber and woodfuel as well as sites for public recreation.  In the right places they can reduce flooding and improve water quality.
  • Wider Social Benefits : Many WCC projects offer space for local communities and offer activities such as walking, horseriding or cycling. 
  • Reduce your net emissions : The UK Government's Environmental Reporting Guidelines shows how you can use verified Woodland Carbon Units to compensate for your company's gross emissions.
  • Claim Carbon Neutrality : PAS2060:2014, the British Stantards Institute's Specification for the Demonstration of Carbon Neutrality shows how verified Woodland Carbon Units can be used in claims of carbon neturality of an activity, product, service, building, project or event.
  • Employee engagement : Some WCC projects offer companies the opportunity to get involved in the creation of the woodland, by planting trees, or to use the site for other employee events.
  • Customer engagement : Some WCC projects have offered companies the chance to engage customers with competitions and prizes relating to the woodland in which they buy carbon.
  • Transparency : All carbon units from WCC projects are listed on Markit Registry and you can track ownership, transfer and use of credits.

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