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The Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) is the quality assurance standard for woodland creation projects in the UK, and generates independently verified carbon units. Backed by the Government, the forest industry and carbon market experts, the Code is unique in providing woodland carbon units right here in the UK. The Woodland Carbon Code is internationally recognised for high standards of sustainable forest management and carbon management and is endorsed by ICROA, the global umbrella body for carbon reduction and offset providers in the voluntary market. 


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Supported by robust science from Forest Research, independent validation and verification and a transparent registry where you can track ownership, transfer and use of credits, it allows you to:

  • Reduce your net emissions: The UK Government's Environmental Reporting Guidelines shows how you can use verified Woodland Carbon Units to compensate for your company's gross UK-based emissions.
  • Claim Carbon Neutrality: PAS 2060:2014 shows how verified Woodland Carbon Units can be used in claims of carbon neutrality of an activity, product, service, building, project or event in the UK.
  • Buy in advance and help with your pathway to Net Zero by 2050: Purchase units in advance of sequestration helping to plan your pathway to net zero over the years to come.

Note:  Companies can compensate for their UK-based emissions using carbon units from WCC projects, but not for their emissions overseas or emissions from international aviation or shipping.


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Woodland Carbon Guarantee

4 Auctions have taken place to date.  The next auction will take place in May 2022.

Find out more about previous auctions and how to apply for the option to sell Woodland Carbon Units to government (England only).

!! Register your project - BEFORE planting starts !!

From 1st July 2021, you must register your project with the Woodland Carbon Code BEFORE you start to plant. 

If you submitted your project in June prior to the deadline, please bear with us and we will confirm your registration soon.  We are working through a backlog of project registrations.

Also from 1st July, if you register, submit documents for validation or verification, you must use the new Version 2.1 documents (Version 2.4 Carbon Calculator).


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