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 2.2 (current)

2.2 with track changes from version 2.1

 April 2022  1 October 2022
  • Updates to standard document and some template documents, including project design document, project progress report, cashflow and woodland benefits tool
  • Specification that from 1 October 2022, projects had to register before work began on site (rather than before planting)
  • Changes to additionality test, removing barrier test and creating a ‘standardised’ financial test
  • Clarifications on issues about types of income (e.g. donations) and use of other carbon standards
  • Added requirement to submit woodland benefits tool separately with social and environmental information
  • Increased registry costs (account opening and unit issuance)
 2.1  March 2021  1 July 2021
  • Released new standard document, guidance and template documents, including the Woodland Carbon Code cashflow
  • Specified that from 1 July 2021, projects had to be registered before planting started
  • Added options for natural colonisation/ regeneration in the carbon calculation section, made cosmetic changes to calculation spreadsheet and added new guidance document
  • Added more information about project monitoring, including:
    • More guidance on monitoring from year 15, including full monitoring and verification procedures, a self-assessment option and basic monitoring and verification for projects which use the small projects calculator
    • Providing an updated survey protocol 
 2.0  March 2018  1 July 2018

Updates made to the standard, guidance, template documents and carbon prediction and measurement tool, including:

  • Enhanced detail on project verification
  • Integration of simplified method for ‘small woods’
  • Incorporation of woodland benefits tool
 1.3  July 2014  1 October 2014
  • Clarification of landowner commitment statement requirements
  • Clarification on loss reports
  • Clarification of monitoring requirements
 1.2  July 2013  1 October 2013
  • Added section ‘1.0 Commitment’
  • Changes to section ‘1.1 date definitions’
  • Changes to section ‘2.1 Registry’ to reflect move to Markit Environmental Registry
  • Changes to section ‘2.5 Management of Group Schemes’ to reflect new group scheme guidance
  • Changes to section ‘2.6 Monitoring’ about timing of first verification
  • Changes to section ‘2.7 Carbon Statements and Reporting’ to reflect move to new registry and for clarity
  • Released new versions of the single project and group project design document, mainly to reflect the move to Markit Environmental Registry
  • Released new versions of carbon calculation examples, including new table to show Pending Issuance Units listing by vintage
 1.1  July 2012  1 October 2012
  • Changes to additionality and monitoring sections
  • Released project design document version 2.1, reflecting changes to code
  • Released carbon look-up tables version 1.5 to include 2.0m Scots Pine
  • Released look-up table guidance version 1.4 with changes to emissions from establishment
 1.0  July 2011  1 October 2011  

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