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Project launched to develop standard buyer-seller contract

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We've launched a new project to develop a standard buyer-seller contract for Pending Issuance Units and Woodland/Peatland Carbon Units. The work is being supported by NatureScot in collaboration with the Scottish Government and in partnership with the National Lottery Heritage Fund, through the Facility for Investment Ready Nature in Scotland. 

The project aims to support smaller-scale and community participants in carbon markets. It also hopes to support the market by: 

  • Making the process of contracting easier 
  • Reducing transaction costs
  • Increasing the integrity of codes/standards and confidence in their use 

We hope a standard contract will help landowners, tenants, community groups and buyers to participate in nature markets with greater confidence. 

We’ll be working throughout 2024 and are aiming for the first contract to be ready for use in spring 2025. We will invite the views and experience of a range of landowners, developers and carbon credit buyers.  

We’ll provide more information in our newsletter and on our project webpage as the project develops. You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Nature Market Contracts Project Manager, to find out more. 

2021 March 24: WCC Version 2.1 Published

We’ve published a new version of the WCC today and there are some key changes for project developers and landowners to note: 

There is a new standard document, and new template documents for all stages (registration, validation and verification).  If you haven’t yet started on your documentation, please use the new Version 2.1 documents (Version 2.4 for the carbon calculator).  

Registration:  After 30 June 2021, projects have to be registered BEFORE PLANTING STARTS

  • If you planted this winter (20/21) and were planning on registering, make sure you submit by 30 June 2021.
  • If you are planting next winter (21/22), make sure you register before you plant.

Registration, Validation or Verification:  If you have started preparing documents for any of these stages, you have until 30 June 2021 to submit your project using the current version of documents.  After that date all projects must be submitted on the new Version 2.1 documents (Version 2.4 for the Carbon Calculator).  

Key changes/ additions to the guidance:

  • Additionality:  We have created a new WCC Cashflow Spreadsheet with a Guidance Document to help you complete it.
  • Carbon Calculation:  We have added options for natural colonisation/ regeneration, made some cosmetic changes to the WCC Carbon Calculation spreadsheet and added a new Guidance Document.
  • Monitoring your project:  We have added further information about monitoring your project including:
    • An updated survey protocol
    • Further guidance on monitoring from year 15 onwards including
      • Full Monitoring and verification procedures
      • Basic Monitoring and verification for projects who use the small projects calculator
      • A Self-Assessment option which can be used if certain criteria are met.


Carbon market open for business

UK businesses can now instantly reduce their carbon footprints by purchasing credits created by forestry projects.

Under the Woodland Carbon Code, companies looking to compensate for any unavoidable UK-based emissions and reduce their impact on the global climate can buy credits from carbon forestry projects.

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Version 2.0 of the WCC launched:

  • Woodland Carbon Code Version 2.0 launched:
    • Widened the definition of a 'single project'
    • Integrated 'small woods' process - A group can contain both 'standard' and 'small' projects.
    • Integrated verification process
    • New section 1.4 Conformance with the UK Forestry Standard
    • 1.6 New Additionality Spreadsheet
    • 2.1 Combined sections on landowner and group manager commitments
    • 2.2 Clarified mapping rules
    • 2.3 Change to 'single rate' 20% WCC Buffer contribution
    • 2.4 Separate consultation section (moved from 5 Social Responsibility)
    • 2.6 Clarified registry use including new 'assignment' function
    • 2.7 Removed required to list carbon buyers in PDD
    • 4 Environmental Quality and 5 Social Responsibility - Links to the WCC Woodland Benefits Tool to assess wider benefits.
  • Documents (Project Design Document V2.0, Project Progress Report V2.0):
    • Updated versions of both documents which can be used for either a single project or a group.  After 08 June 2018 all documents submitted to validator/verifier have to be on new templates. 
    • New Additionality Spreadsheet available.
  • Carbon Calculation:
    • Updated WCC Carbon Lookup Tables V2.0 and WCC Carbon Calculation Spreadsheet V2.0 & Guidance.  Existing project developers need to use/download the new versions of both.
    • Updated Carbon Assessment Protocol V2.0.  Anyone conducting a year 15 monitoring survey will need to consult this version.

Exciting times for woodland carbon projects

A young woodland in West Lothian, Scotland, has become the first project in the UK to be ‘verified’ as continuing to meet the standards of the Woodland Carbon Code after ‘passing’ its first five-yearly progress inspection. News Release

UK Woodland Carbon goes on sale for the first time

The first units of carbon dioxide set to be sequestered, or removed from the atmosphere, by woodlands validated under the UK’s Woodland Carbon Code have been notified for sale for the first time as National Climate Week gets under way. News Release

Woodland Carbon Guarantee

Find out how to apply for the option to sell Woodland Carbon Units to government (England only).


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